Mortgage Life Vs Term
Hervin Pesa

9 Reasons Why Term Life Insurance beats Mortgage Insurance.

Mortgage Life Insurance may not be the right choice when making sure your family has a home if you pass on.

This article will help you understand that you can get the peace of mind you want through Term Life Insurance. Here are 9 reasons to get term life insurance instead.

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What is it?

Temporary protection (limited time)

Life long Protection Can Accumulate Cash Value Used for Estate Planning

Who is it for?

Young Families and Mortgaged Homeowners

Long Term Focused Individuals

People Looking Beyon RRSP and TFSA

What is it?

Cheap to START
Get lots of insurance.

Guaranteed Premiums For life. Later in Life, Cheaper than term. Opportunity for tax advantaged cash value growth.You can borrow against the policy

What is it?

Coverage ENDS The Cost Increase hurts after renewal No Cash Value

Expensive for younger people compared to term. Not as simple due to tax and legal implications.

What is it?

When Younger When Needs are temporary ( mortgage, kids being dependent)

Later In Life When the Cash Value becomes substantial. 
Highly Taxed individuals.