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What Does a Financial Planner Do?

As a Fee-Based Financial Planner, my primary role is to create the context of your financial questions.

I build “what-if” models that help us guide your decision-making process. 

These financial projections and comparative scenarios can help us identify the actions which will give you the best results based on your personal financial situation.

Financial Planners Help Answer Questions Like These:

How much should I be saving? or Am I saving enough for my retirement goals?

How do I protects my money? or Are there guaranteed investments?

Where should I be investing? or What’s the best investment for me?

When can I retire? or Do I have enough to retire?

Do I really need A life Insurance policy? Should I keep my life insurance?

Can I afford to pay for my kids college education?

Most of these questions require far more information and comparisons than most people can analyze themselves. 

Answering these questions requires us to look years or decades into the future and create “what-if” scenarios based on probability and data you provide.

There are dozens of moving pieces that could make the right answer today, wrong tomorrow so our goal is to give you your best shot.

We Can Help You Build You Financial Plan Through the Following Options

Hourly Consulting

Comprehensive Financial Plans

Free Learning Centre

Hourly Consulting

Hourly Consulting is Perfect for those who are seeking unbiased advice for specific areas of concern. It’s designed for individuals and families who are looking for a simple plan for a particular financial issue.

If you need someone to check on the work you’ve done so far or get a second opinion on advice you’ve received, book a consultation now.

The "ARMED" Comprehensive Financial Plan

A Complete Fee-Only Financial Planning Service

The Armed Financial Planning Method is our signature financial planning process. By taking you through the Armed Method, you co-create a comprehensive financial plan which will help you maximize your wealth regardless of your stage of life. We’ve created programs for the following scenarios.

Foundation Builder: Individuals who are serious about building wealth but are just getting started. The foundation builders program focuses on establishing lasting financial habits, creating cash flow and managing debt, organizing financial documents, maximizing wealth and establishing congruent financial values for couples and young families.

Retirement Rocket: This comprehensive program is designed to maximize your retired life, whether that looks like a beachside paradise or an encore career. It is best suited for individuals and couples who are 5 to 10 years away from retirement and are looking to enjoy retirement and stay retired.

Wealth Watch: This is designed to help those who have wealth, keep it. You’ve worked hard for it, and now it’s time to make sure your assets work harder for you than anyone else. 

Though we would tackle each area in varying degrees, the Armed Method would cover the following areas of your financial life.

A Checklist, Trophy and Target to represent the goal setting and life planning aspect of financial planning.

Goal Setting and Life Planning

Understanding your, short term, intermediate-term and long term financial goals will uncover “the why” behind your investments and savings activities. These could be rooted in wanting to start a family or gifting assets to the next generation. Either way, these goals and dreams are uniquely you.
Wallet and Credit Card Being Cut, Representing Cash-flow and Debt Management in a Financial Plan

Cash-Flow and Debt Management

Cashflow will fuel your financial plan, without managing your income and your expenses, you can’t implement your financial plan properly. Reducing the cost of capital or interest could save you tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in your investing life.
Sun Shaded as and Asset Allocation Chart with a dollar sign and increasing bars, representing growing investments in a financial plan

Investment Planning

An investment is not a financial plan. However, when investments are based on a comprehensive plan, you are able to match your investment choices to your financial goals, your risk tolerance and capacity and your investment time horizon.
A Sunny Beach Day with a Beach umbrella and the sun as a dollar sign representing retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Carefully structuring your investments so that you can eventually reach a “work-optional” lifestyle is great. However, this requires planning around your sources of income. The sequence of withdrawals from your accounts can determine how long and how comfortably you can retire
Stacked books and a graduation cap representing educational planning in a financial plan

Education Planning

The cost of post-secondary education continues to skyrocket. Whether you are planning for your kid’s education or continuing education for yourself, requires careful planning and proper funding.
A Life Insurance Policy with an image of an umbrella covering a coin to represent Risk Protection and Insurance Planning in a Financial Plan

Risk Protection and Insurance Planning

What’s the use of working hard towards building wealth if the fruits of your labour could easily be snatched away? Proper income protection and asset protection plan will help keep you on track when life happens.
A Check overlaid with a charity heart symbol representing the giving and estate planning aspect of a comprehensive financial plan

Charitable Giving and Estate Planning

Those who are self-made, start working for survival, then success, but eventually that translates to creating significance. Having a properly planned giving strategy will multiply your ability to leave an inheritance or a charitable bequest.
A golden register with an open sign to represent a career and business planning aspects of a comprehensive financial plan

Education Planning

Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income. Helping you maximize your earning power at work or in your business will have a far greater impact than investment performance. Focusing on this would often provide you with the quickest return per action.
A Calendar marking the tax date being cut in half to represent the tax planning aspect of a comprehensive financial plan

Tax Planning

Tax Planning on its own could be dangerous, but when added as a pillar to your financial plan, we can make sure your money is working harder for you, than the taxman.

ARMED+ Wealth Management

All of the services included in our ARMED Comprehensive financial plan but we help you implement the recommendations. We create an investment strategy based on a personalized “investment policy statement”. 

We will manage your investment assets under an ongoing assets under administration fee.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre.

The Learning Centre is a library of blogs, podcasts and educational videos designed to teach you everything you wish you learned about money in school or from your parents.

Pricing For Our Fee For Service Offerings

Choose the model that works best for your financial situation.

Hourly Consulting
Perfect for specific questions and second opinions.
$ 299 Per Hour
  • Debt Management and Cash-flow Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax-Planning
  • Portfolio Review
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
The ARMED Comprehensive Financial Plan
We Use Our Signature Method to Craft a Financial Plan Tailored to You and Your family.
$ 1799-2499 Per Household
  • Debt Management and Cash-flow Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax-Planning
  • Portfolio Review
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
Everything Included In the Armed Plan plus ongoing wealth management
$ 1799-2499 Per Family Plus Asset Management
  • Debt Management and Cash-flow Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax-Planning
  • Portfolio Review
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
Use Our Resources as Informational Guides.
  • Debt Management and Cash-flow Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax-Planning
  • Portfolio Review
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning

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